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“Working in the bank`s legal advisory team, the learning and exposure opportunities were enormous” “A day in the life of a central banker is exciting, challenging, but most important. A typical day can be about driving innovation in financial services. On the other hand, it is about going through a crisis. I started my journey at the bank as a Kijang student. So far, it has been a rewarding experience to be able to serve the public while having the opportunity to experience so many different roles within the bank. For me, this included supervising banks, helping to develop guidelines for the financial sector, and holding design thinking workshops to present the proof of concept. Since I started my career here more than four years ago, I have been involved in policy development. With a focus on research, writing and problem solving through various projects, I have gained experience in a number of areas, from institutional behaviour and culture, operational risk management, outsourcing practices, to relief efforts to support Rakyat, businesses and banks affected by the pandemic. There is a constant potential to have a significant impact. It`s remarkable to be a part of it. “In the midst of a global pandemic and the worst economic crisis the world has ever experienced since the Great Depression, I began my career as an economist at the central bank.

The learning curve was incredibly steep and both challenging and rewarding. » conduct research and keep abreast of new developments in banking, other central banks and industry for benchmarking; the latest developments in data management practices, data warehouse solutions, information portal design, reporting and business analytics; assess the impact and relevance for statistical systems and, if necessary, make recommendations for system expansion and process improvement. What I also love about working here is consciously focusing on our positive well-being! I have access to resources such as a workplace consultant, flexible work schedules, and office fitness facilities. You will be welcomed into a fulfilling career as a central banker as the bank strives to gain new cultural beliefs that ensure inclusion and unity. Define business and functional requirements for the development/improvement of statistical systems related to insurance, takaful and intermediaries (ITI) and collect, compile and disseminate credible and timely ITI statistics to facilitate monitoring, compliance analysis and policy formulation in accordance with legal and stakeholder requirements, as well as internationally, National and banking Facilitate creation and methods of creation and dissemination. I am also grateful to be part of a community of like-minded, talented, brilliant and welcoming people to new and innovative solutions. A day in the life of a central banker is exciting, challenging, but above all rewarding. To be honest, I was drawn to joining the bank for the first time because it was prestigious to work in a world-class central bank with a beautiful office building. Although the main building is a bit more modest than I expected, the bank consistently impresses as a progressive workplace that fosters professional and personal growth.

They are actively involved in policy development and are also able to take on responsibilities and lead projects. Bank Negara Malaysia (“BNM”) today issued a press release announcing the five candidates for the digital banking license approved by the Minister of Finance. During these first few months, I was instrumental in a number of projects ranging from SupTech to Crisis Response Work. I have had the opportunity to work with many talented and passionate individuals and teams across the bank – from banking regulators to data scientists. Honestly, I`m surprised that I was able to contribute to such important work at the bank and attract so much attention so early in my career! As a member of the legal advisory team, I provided legal advice on various aspects of the Bank`s functions and operations. I have worked on issues related to regulatory requirements, contracts and legislative procedures, including the drafting of daughter laws. The learning opportunities were huge and gave me access to various aspects of financial services such as banking, insurance, payments, fintech, financial markets and money services companies – both from a legal and policy perspective. Experience: 8 years of professional experience with practical experience in performing functional, systems, performance and acceptance tests in technology organizations, of which at least 3 years have managed and supervised quality assurance work, preferably in the banking sector. Working knowledge of testing tools: Microfocus ALM, UFT, Bugzilla, Testlink, JMeter and Dynatrace “From banking regulators to data scientists, I have just worked with many talented and passionate people in my first few months at the bank” The three consortia that will receive digital banking licenses under the Financial Services Act 2013 are: According to the digital banking licensing framework published by BNM on December 31, 2020. Licensees of a digital bank are required to pay a minimum amount of 100 million during the three-year start-up phase from the start of business activities.

RM in capital not affected by losses and increase the minimum amount of capital not affected by losses to 300 million.RM no later than the fifth year following the start of operations. I`m looking for growth, and the bank has given me a lot of opportunities on that front. After all, work at the central bank is anything but constant. A typical day can be about driving innovation in financial services. On the other hand, it can be about how to help get through a crisis. The only thing that remains the same is the bank`s shared mission to have a positive impact on Malaysia. Assist the Lead Supervisor in the planning, organisation and supervision of a banking group or autonomous banking institutions (BIS) on a consolidated basis using the Prudential Risk Framework (SuRF) through continuous supervision to ensure the safety and soundness of AIs. The Associate Supervisor is responsible for assessing weaknesses within the RNs and taking preventive or corrective action to achieve the Department`s strategic outcomes without unexpected Orange institutions. In addition, processing reviews will be coordinated and assessments of IB regulatory applications will be conducted to ensure that the provisions of the Financial Services Act 2013/Islamic Financial Services Act 2013 and policy standards are managed adequately and consistently. Act as a subject matter expert in the Bank`s services sector by conducting relevant in-depth economic monitoring and evaluation of the sector, as well as conducting policy-oriented research relevant to the services sector, primarily to support macroeconomic surveillance for monetary policy formulation and the Bank`s role as an economic advisor to the government. Assist bank users as well as financial institutions in dealing with systemic issues. Qualifications: Degree in Computer Science/Information Technology or equivalent.

All related IT security certifications such as CISSP, CISM, CRISC, CISA, SSCP, GIAC, CCNA, TOGAF, CEH, CHFI and others are an added benefit. 4. Support the design, development and implementation of talent branding and engagement with different target groups in order to better position the bank as a preferred employer. That`s been my experience ever since. The work can be challenging, the learning curve is steep, and expectations for you are high – but you`re still well supported. There is a real interest in your professional and personal development. That`s definitely one of the things that keeps me going and staying in the bank. Plan and implement strategies for the development of the domestic financial market to ensure the resilience and sustainability of the market while keeping pace with global progress. Provide advisory functions to the government, cooperation and cooperation with investors, regulators and market players for development initiatives. Support the effective implementation of monetary policy for the smooth implementation of open market operations ROLLING PURPOSE Monitoring, reporting and carrying out relevant risk assessments on interest rate risks, foreign exchange risks, equity risks and bond issuers by governments, public authorities, supranational covered bonds, corporate bonds and structured products. Manage an incident and issue, as well as a service request, to ensure that all issues and requests are properly managed in accordance with the service level agreement agreed with users. support the Director and Deputy Director in their role as independent and objective assurance to strengthen and improve the Bank`s activities by introducing a systematic and risk-based approach to assessing and improving the design and effectiveness of the Bank`s governance, risk management and control processes with a view to achieving the Bank`s strategic objectives and mandates; Promote appropriate ethics and values within the Bank, ensure the effectiveness and efficiency of the Bank`s operations, ensure the reliability and integrity of financial and operational information, protect assets and comply with applicable laws and regulations.

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